Accountable Senate War Room: “we cannot afford any more delays in confirming President Biden’s Cabinet” 

Washington, D.C. – Today, after Minority Leader Mitch McConnell finally backed down from his threat to filibuster the routine resolution allowing Senate committees to begin their work, the Accountable Senate War Room called on him and his colleagues to end their delays and obstruction and work with Senate Democrats to swiftly confirm Biden’s Cabinet so they can get to work. For weeks, many of the Senate’s committees have been unable to organize and move through the confirmation process for Biden’s Cabinet because of McConnell’s unreasonable demands. This week’s long delay comes on the heels of McConnell refusing to keep the nominations process moving forward during the lame duck period, leaving President Biden with the fewest confirmed Cabinet secretaries on day one in recent history. As the United States faces multiple health, national security, and economic crises, McConnell and Senate Republicans must put the needs of the American people first by ensuring a speedy confirmation process for the remainder of President Biden’s Cabinet nominees. 

“Now that Minority Leader McConnell has finally caved and will allow committees to organize, we cannot afford any more delays in confirming President Biden’s Cabinet,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Accountable Senate War Room. “Amid a once-in-a-generation pandemic, an ongoing unemployment and subsequent housing crisis forcing millions of Americans into poverty, and ever-growing threats to our national security, the American people do not have time on their side, and are counting on the new administration to get to work for them. Senate Republicans must stop causing unnecessary delays and let the Senate get to work vetting and confirming Biden’s highly-qualified slate of public servants.”  


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