WASHINGTON, DC –  Yesterday, far-right groups in Brazil violently attacked the country’s congress, presidential palace, and supreme court buildings to overthrow the democratically elected President and install former President Jair Bolsonaro following his election loss this past November. 

This blatant attack on democracy shared a striking resemblance to the attacks on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. The attacks drew swift condemnation across the U.S. government. However,  MAGA extremists like Steve Bannon and Tom Fitton have offered their full-throated support to the rioters portraying right-wing political violence as “patriotic.” Meanwhile, Republican leaders in Congress have mostly remained silent, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who was propelled to the speakership by MAGA extremists in Congress who actively encouraged the former President’s election denial. 

Attacks on democracy, no matter where they occur, should be condemned. It is unfortunate that Republican leaders in the U.S. Congress, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have so far failed to do so. The unmistakable parallels between the violent attacks on democracy in Brazil and the January 6th insurrection are striking. But this silence should not come as a surprise. It was only two years ago when these same leaders failed to stand up for democracy here at home.”

Tony Carrk, Executive Director of Accountable.US.
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