WASHINGTON, DC — The House is expected to vote on Rep. Robert Garcia’s resolution to expel disgraced Rep. George Santos when it reconvenes later today. Speaker McCarthy earlier announced his plan to punt the motion to the “famously slow-moving” House Ethics Committee (which is already investigating Santos). Now, countless House Republicans who once called for Santos to resign are rolling over to protect Santos at McCarthy’s request.

First, the MAGA majority voted for radical, unpopular measures like massive cuts to Veterans benefits after McCarthy twisted their arms. Now, they’re rolling over again to protect Santos. How low will these members go to fulfill McCarthy’s every wish and command? They should decide how long they’re willing to stick around on a sinking ship.”

Accountable.US executive director Tony Carrk.

Numerous House Republicans who previously called on Santos to resign have already agreed to vote for McCarthy’s motion to refer the resolution to the Ethics Committee.

  • Rep. Brandon Williams, a freshman colleague of Santos’s in the New York delegation, will protect Santos after “repeatedly publicly stat[ing] that he does not believe Mr. Santos should remain a member of Congress.”
  • Rep. Mike Lawler, another freshman colleague from New York,” will protect Santos after previously saying he “lost the confidence and support of his party,” and “with the extent and severity of the allegations … I believe he is unable to fulfill his duties and should resign.”
  • Rep. Marc Molinaro will vote to protect Santos after explicitly saying he has “called for his resignation and expulsion.”

A report from Accountable.US revealed that a group of GOP House leaders including McCarthy gave nearly $200,000 to Santos’s campaign during the 2022 election, despite apparent knowledge of his lies.

In December, Accountable.US led the charge by filing a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting an investigation if Santos is sworn in. In January, Accountable.US filed a complaint against Santos over campaign finance violations with the Federal Elections Commission, and now the Justice Department is investigating the matter.



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