WASHINGTON, DC — Today, extreme conservative kingpin Leonard Leo’s handpicked Supreme Court ruled in Sackett v. EPA to undo decades of progress made with the Clean Water Act, siding with special interests over everyday Americans and delivering another victory in Leo’s radical, unpopular MAGA agenda.

Sackett stood to determine if American wetlands and other waters can be protected under the Clean Water Act. In its decision, Leo’s corrupt conservative Court did the bidding of corporate polluters to overturn long-standing, popular safeguards, jeopardizing almost 90 million acres of formerly protected wetlands American families and communities depend on.

This ruling puts the Court’s corruption on full display and undermines the EPA’s ability to keep our water clean, threatening the health and safety of Americans everywhere. This is just another kickback to polluters by Leonard Leo’s handpicked majority on the Supreme Court — and it won’t be the last time we see Leo’s fingerprints all over a devastating Court decision.”

Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig.

For nearly two decades, Leonard Leo has been at the center of the right-wing’s court capture campaign, stacking the federal bench with partisans working to undermine constitutional freedoms, roll back critical protections for people, and weaken democracy.

Leo has used his nonprofits to engage in the fight for ideological control of the federal judiciary. Leo’s Judicial Crisis Network alone spent $12.3 million on average to support the confirmations of each of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, totaling $37 million between 2016 and 2020.

Leo has also worked directly with Republican administrations to shape the makeup of the federal judiciary. Since Justice Thomas’s Supreme Court confirmation in 1991, Leo has helped build a right-wing majority on the high court with significant consequences for American life. Most recently, Leo was widely known as a “confidant” to President Trump and led the Trump administration’s packing of the federal judiciary with extreme MAGA judges. Through the courts, Leo is enacting his radical and unpopular agenda including overturning Roe v. Wade, expanding gun rights, and now, restricting crucial environmental protections.

Accountable.US recently launched the “Mr. MAGA” campaign to expose Leo’s extremism, corrupt personal dealings, and his influence. Learn more about Leo’s extremist agenda and the campaign at LeonardLeo.org.


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