New reporting in the Huffington Post exposed right-wing judicial activist Leonard Leo’s central role in funding Do No Harm Action, the lobbying arm of the “influential” anti-LGBTQ+ group Do No Harm, responsible for a wave of harmful anti-trans legislation in multiple states.

Tax filings recently obtained by Accountable.US revealed that Leo’s Concord Fund routed $750,000 to Do No Harm Action, the lobbying arm of a group described as “a significant leader in statehouses seeking to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth.” According to the Associated Press, Montana, Arkansas, and Iowa have all passed bills restricting gender-affirming care including language nearly identical to Do No Harm’s model legislation.

It’s no surprise that Leonard Leo is using his vast dark money network to bankroll far-right groups working to roll back LGBTQ Americans’ rights. This is how Leonard Leo works. He leverages his web of nonprofits — bolstered by a massive $1.6 billion windfall — to carry out his radical, unpopular agenda because he knows it will never win at the ballot box.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

Do No Harm, a Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group originally founded to oppose racial justice efforts in the medical industry, has taken on an increasingly central role in anti-trans advocacy in states across the country. Public policy software revealed strong matches between Do No Harm’s model legislation and bills passed in at least three states, and a recent Accountable.US analysis found that Do No Harm Action has registered to lobby in at least nine states.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court took up a case considering whether Tennessee’s law restricting gender-affirming care for minors violates the Constitution. Do No Harm and Do No Action appear to have spent as much as a combined $120,000 lobbying in support of the Tennessee bill now set to be considered at the highest level of the judiciary.

Leo seems to be personally benefiting from his ties to the anti-trans advocacy group. In 2022 – the same tax reporting period as the payments from Leo’s Concord Fund to Do No Harm Action – its affiliate organization paid over $230,000 to Leo’s for-profit consulting firm CRC Advisors. These payments mirror the circular payment scheme between Leo’s nonprofits and for-profits apparently under investigation by the DC Attorney General.

Additionally, Leo’s ally and president of the anti-affirmative action group Students for Fair Admissions, Edward Blum, appears to be operating a nonprofit that provided almost half of Do No Harm’s funding in 2022. The group’s executive director, Kristina Rasmussen, came to Do No Harm from the Foundation for Government Accountability, a Florida-based think tank that has taken upwards of $5 million from Leo’s network over the past five years.

As HuffPost notes, “Do No Harm’s goals dovetail neatly with Leo’s expanded mission. The group has helped pay for activists and expert witnesses to travel the country, testifying in favor of bans on gender-affirming care for minors.”

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