Today, in response to reports that one of Leonard Leo’s shadowy influence groups, the 85 Fund, spent millions of dollars to support cases being heard at the Supreme Court, Accountable.US released the following statement:



It’s not surprising that Leonard Leo and his MAGA billionaire donors are doubling down. They have already spent millions to ensure the court is dominated by hard-right judges, and now they’re bankrolling amicus briefs to make good on their investment. We can not allow Leo and his front groups to force his deeply unpopular fringe agenda on the American people.”

Kyle Herrig, President of Accountable.US

Leonard Leo is the architect of a sprawling shadow network of far-right legal organizations that’s sole purpose is to exert influence over our democratic institutions. The newly obtained tax forms demonstrate clearly that the secretive group has been used to shuffle millions of dollars across Leo’s shadowy network of right-wing organizations to attack voting rights, anti-discrimination laws, affirmative action to advance their fringe agenda before an ultra-conservative Supreme Court. Recent reports also revealed that the 85 Fund paid the Leo owned CRC Advisors nearly $22 million last year, which nearly doubles the previous year’s payment of $12 million.

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