White House Advisor Made At Least $433,000 Last Year, Applies For Federal Assistance Anyways

CLIP: Larry Kudlow Discloses That His Wife Applied For An SBA Payroll Protection Loan

WASHINGTON, D.C. During an interview with Politico today, Director of the White House Economic Council Larry Kudlow revealed that his wife Judith, a self-employed artist in New York City, had applied for a small business payroll protection loan at a bank in Connecticut.

On his 2019 Office of Government Ethics disclosure form, Larry Kudlow declared that he made at least $250,000 outside of his government salary of $183,000 a year. Additionally, Judith Kudlow’s art gallery sells paintings valued at several thousand dollars apiece, and purports to offer one-on-one instruction for students in her art classes.

In response, Accountable.US released the following statement from its president, Kyle Herrig:

“Millions of Americans are unemployed and more are at risk of losing their jobs. Aid should be going to where its needed most, not to well-connected millionaires in the Trump White House. The White House should immediately issue guidance to ensure that staff and their families do not financially benefit from programs that they worked on. Any staff who have already applied for federal aid should recuse themselves from that area of work and make loan application documents available to the public.”


“My wife Judy, whom you know, and she is a self-employed artist-painter, a very distinguished one of some renown, she could use some help with her operation and she went to a local community bank up in our place in Connecticut and apparently it’s just a one-page form, that’s all it is. So couldn’t be easier.”



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