Last week, government watchdog Accountable.US released a new report revealing millions in donations from the Ed Uihlein Family Foundation to anti-democratic, extremist groups in the days immediately following the January 6 attempted insurrection — the same ultra-conservative groups now poised to wield serious influence over the MAGA majority in Congress.

Billionaires Dick and Liz Uihlein bankrolled groups that brought us the January 6th insurrection and funneled millions towards the effort to overturn the 2020 election. Then they doubled down on their investment, sending millions more to anti-democratic and extremist groups that fueled the election denialism movement just days after the deadly assault on our Capitol. With their generous contributions, the Uihleins have given extremist groups like Turning Point the clout they need to continue pushing their unpopular, anti-democratic agenda with the MAGA majority in Congress and across the United States.”

Accountable.US spokesperson Derek Martin

Key report highlights:

  • Within just one week of January 6, the Ed Uihlein Family Foundation gave $2.2 million to groups that helped to challenge the results of the 2020 election and fuel the violent attack on the Capitol, including the Conservative Partnership Institute, Turning Point USA, and Judicial Watch.

  • In the weeks following, the Foundation donated another $1.25 million to groups that pushed false narratives about Democrats stealing the election from former President Trump.

  • Over the entirety of 2021, the Foundation gave over $5.16 million to groups that disputed or challenged the results of the 2020 election.

Read the full report HERE.

Earlier this month, Accountable.US highlighted the strong ties between these ultra-conservative organizations and the new GOP majority as they work together to radically reshape Congress to further their MAGA agenda.


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