Following this week’s Supreme Court ruling granting a president immunity for “official acts,” Kevin Roberts – Project 2025 leader and president of the Heritage Foundation – hailed the decision by the Court’s conservative majority in a Real America’s Voice’s War Room segment as a vital step in what he terms “the second American Revolution.” 

Kevin Roberts' celebration of this power grab reveals the true agenda behind Project 2025 – an unprecedented threat to the very foundations of our democracy that aims to consolidate executive power. The Supreme Court's decision is not just about one case – it's a dangerous step towards unchecked presidential authority. As we approach Independence Day, we must recognize that our democratic institutions are under threat from those who would gut the checks and balances that have safeguarded our republic for nearly 250 years."

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

The Supreme Court conservative majority’s decision to grant immunity to a president’s “official acts” in Trump v. US — effectively absolving the president from legal accountability — bolsters Project 2025’s agenda to consolidate power within the executive branch. This decision comes after a series of Supreme Court rulings that delivered multiple power grabs for the judiciary, taking a page out of the Project 2025 playbook by upending precedent and granting extraordinary new power to the president and activist judges.

Recent reporting on Kevin Roberts – informed in part by Accountable.US – has exposed the leader at the helm of this MAGA agenda for what he is: a far-right extremist who wants to “destroy” the administrative state, spread conspiracy theories, and has praised international authoritarian leaders. Roberts has advocated for reversing same-sex marriage rights and claimed the 2020 election was stolen. He has also platformed extremists and conspiracy theorists on his podcast and steered the Heritage Foundation towards increasingly radical positions. Roberts framed the Court’s decision as part of a larger movement, saying, “We’re in the process of taking this country back…That Supreme Court ruling yesterday on immunity is vital.”

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