WASHINGTON, D.C. Yesterday afternoon, President Trump used his press briefing as an opportunity to run a victory lap on COVID-19 testing. He repeatedly bragged that “we have met the moment, and we have prevailed” with regard to testing, and repeated his sentiment from early March that “if somebody wants to be tested right now, they’ll be able to be tested.”

But this could not be further from the truth — more than two months after President Trump first claimed that “anybody who wants a test, can get a test,” the Trump administration is still lagging behind in getting states the supplies they need to test people.

WhereAreTheTests.com, a new website from government watchdog Accountable.US, highlights the administration’s months-long testing failure in responding to the coronavirus pandemic with even a modicum of urgency, which has resulted in:

  • COVID-19 testing sites expanding far too slowly;
  • Backlogged tests in numerous states and a lack of available tests in others; and
  • Abounding logistical nightmares and miscommunications with state officials.

The site also includes a number of instances in which patients and health care workers who exhibited symptoms but did not meet the government’s strict criteria for testing were denied tests, simply because the administration has failed to procure and disseminate an adequate amount of tests and supplies.

Visit WhereAreTheTests.com for new information on the Trump administration’s ongoing failure to deliver on its commitments to expand testing to ensure that states are able to reopen safely.


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