Gosar says “heads have to roll” following critical investigations into Capitol attack

WASHINGTON, DC – Over the weekend, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), a far-right member of the House Oversight Committee, said military “heads have to roll” following the horrific January 6 Capitol attack.

Paul Gosar thinks our military leaders should be prosecuted for defending our democracy during an attempted insurrection. Do Kevin McCarthy and his MAGA majority agree that our service members' “heads have to roll” for defending our democracy?”

Accountable.US spokesperson Derek Martin.

Gosar, who has consistently downplayed the attack, also asserted that former Rep. Liz Cheney should be prosecuted for her role in the investigations. He later turned the spotlight on Weaponization Subcommittee Chair Jim Jordan, encouraging Americans to contact him and McCarthy and “plead” for them to pursue baseless conspiracies surrounding the critical January 6 investigations.

The offensive remarks come after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy handed over hours of surveillance footage of the Capitol attack to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, creating a serious security risk for congressional lawmakers and staffers.

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