New reporting from the Guardian today highlighted disgraced representative George Santos’s continued defiance amidst explosive reports of fraudulent claims and a fabricated background. Through the chaos of his continued lies, Santos continues to be buoyed by support from his MAGA majority best friends.

Everyone knows George Santos is a total fraud. Even his own constituents called for him to resign. The only reason he’s still in office is because he’s cozied up to members of the House MAGA majority, who are happily covering up for a grifter just to protect their own power. With MAGA control of the House, we don’t get solutions for working Americans — just conmen conservatives like George Santos.”

Accountable.US spokesperson Derek Martin

A recent report from Accountable.US revealed that a group of GOP House leaders including McCarthy gave nearly $200,000 to Santos’s campaign during the 2022 election, despite apparent knowledge of his lies.

Last month, Accountable.US filed a complaint against Santos over campaign finance violations with the Federal Elections Commission and a request for investigation with the Office of Congressional Ethics over his misleading or false biographical and personal financial claims.

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