WASHINGTON, DC – Government watchdog Accountable.US released a new report revealing the prominent conservatives who made a cottage industry out of fraudulent election challenges and conspiracy theories. After cashing in on efforts to undermine democracy, these individuals continue to wield power in top GOP circles, state legislatures, and beyond.

These grifters happily peddled known conspiracies that planted the seeds for January 6th — and cashed in the first chance they got. It couldn’t be clearer where their priorities lie. Not even an attempted insurrection would stand in the way of them making a quick buck.

Accountable.US spokesperson Derek Martin.

Report highlights:

  • Kurt Olsen made a name for himself by spreading 2020 election conspiracies and taking on election deniers’ cases. In 2022, he led the charge on Kari Lake’s election lawsuit, collecting six figures in attorney’s fees while Lake repeated unfounded claims of fraud in her race for governor.
  • Newly-elected AZ State Senator Jake Hoffman supported Kari Lake for governor and efforts to challenge her defeat. He’s also the owner of an LLC that was paid more than $2 million from a pro-Lake PAC while supporting her campaign, and continued to collect six figures from Lake’s campaign for “telemarketing services” as she spread conspiracies about her loss.
  • Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline made over $1.4 million from consulting work for the Thomas More Society, a right-wing law firm that launched the Amistad Project, an “aggressive initiative” to challenge the 2020 election results. Kline is credited with conceptualizing the Amistad Project and has served as its director since it was established.
  • Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, leaders of the “election integrity” group True the Vote, have been accused of personally enriching themselves to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars through their election denial and voter suppression efforts.

Read the full report HERE.

Last month, Accountable.US uncovered millions in donations from the Ed Uihlein Family Foundation to anti-democratic, extremist groups in the days immediately following the attempted insurrection. Since the attack, Accountable.US has highlighted the continued influence of key January 6th figures in conservative political circles.

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