Today’s House Judiciary Weaponization Subcommittee hearing will feature GOP witness Gene Hamilton, a former Trump staffer and America First Legal leader who also authored Project 2025’s Department of Justice chapter. A new Accountable.US report exposes Hamilton’s career advancing harmful far-right policy and highlights his most extreme proposals for a potential future DOJ.

Gene Hamilton’s proposals for our Department of Justice epitomize the very weaponization of government that House MAGA Republicans claim to oppose. By inviting one of Project 2025’s authors to testify before Congress, the House majority is demonstrating just how fully they’ve embraced the anti-democracy playbook.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

The report details Gene Hamilton’s troubling background as vice president and general counsel of America First Legal and as a former Trump administration staffer in the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, and highlights Hamilton’s work as a Project 2025 author. Hamilton’s key role in implementing Trump’s extreme family separation policy, as well as his participation in shaping Trump’s harmful travel bans and refugee policies give an indication as to the sort of policy he would rush to enact at the helm of a future potential Department of Justice.

Hamilton carried out some of Trump’s most draconian immigration proposals, privately acknowledging that DACA applicants’ information had been compromised despite Trump saying the opposite to the American public. The Accountable.US analysis also details Hamilton’s extensive collaboration with America First Legal’s Stephen Miller on initiatives to drastically limit immigration.

Hamilton’s contributions to Project 2025 also include plans to criminalize abortion pills and orchestrate a fundamental overhaul of the Department of Justice and the FBI, aiming for a government more beholden to political influence and the whims of the President.

Read the full report HERE.


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