WASHINGTON, DC – Today, a federal appeals court panel made up of three extremist Federalist Society judges said it would restrict access to a critical, widely-used abortion medication — the latest in a far-right fight to roll back abortion access for everyday Americans.

It’s no surprise that far-right Federalist Society judges are behind this desperate attempt to strip Americans of their critical right to abortion,” said Accountable.US spokesperson Yael Sheinfeld. “The Federalist Society — a Leonard Leo project — has been pushing a radical anti-choice agenda for decades. This is the latest in Leo’s longtime scheme to undermine democracy and chip away at everyday Americans’ rights.”

Leonard Leo’s Federalist Society represents just four percent of the legal profession. But the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, known as the “Trumpiest court in America,” is composed of extremist judges who have been particularly involved with the Federalist Society for the past three decades.

  • Judge James Ho is one of the Federalist Society’s most fervent supporters. After joining the organization in 1996, Ho has held 10 different national and local leadership positions and attended every one of the group’s annual conventions since the late 1990s through at least the time of his nomination in 2017.
  • Judge Cory Wilson is a longtime Federalist Society member, having joined the extremist organization in 1992 as a first-year law student. As recently as 2020, Wilson was a member of the Federalist Society’s Mississippi chapter.
  • Judge Jennifer Elrod was an “active member” of the Harvard Federalist Society, even being recognized as its “alumni of the year” in 2019. Elrod is also currently listed as a Federalist Society contributor, appearing at several of the group’s events as recently as April of this year. 

Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, the Texas judge who initially ruled to force the abortion pill off the market nationwide, also has deep ties to former Federalist Society vice president Leonard Leo. Leo led the decades-long campaign to overturn Roe by selecting anti-choice judges, challenging abortion rights at all levels of government, and supporting anti-choice advocacy groups like Susan B. Anthony and Students for Life.



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