The Threat to Our Democracy

Project 2025 is not just a plan; it’s a five-alarm fire threatening the very core of our democracy and freedoms. Orchestrated by the far-right and funded by dark money, this MAGA blueprint for a conservative presidential term aims to impose an extreme, unpopular agenda on Americans, consolidating power and undermining the principles we hold dear.

Who’s Behind It?

At the forefront of this dangerous initiative is the Heritage Foundation, supported by over 100 right-wing groups and bankrolled by entities like DonorsTrust. These players are plotting to dismantle our democratic institutions, abolish checks and balances, and enforce radical policies against the will of the majority.

The Extremist Agenda

Project 2025’s goals are clear: to enact the most restrictive anti-abortion measures, endanger reproductive rights, and push policies that benefit big banks and drug companies at the expense of American families. From nationwide abortion bans to militarizing responses to protests, their agenda is a leap into unprecedented extremism.

The Coalition of Extremism

Led by the Heritage Foundation, with key players like the Center for Renewing America and Alliance Defending Freedom, Project 2025 is a concerted effort by a network of far-right groups. This coalition, filled with election deniers and conspiracy theorists, is determined to force their radical vision on us all, stripping away rights from voting to reproductive freedoms.

Our Mission

It’s time to shine a light on Project 2025 and its backers. By spotlighting the Heritage Foundation’s role, identifying the key figures involved, and highlighting the extreme nature of their policies, we can educate and enable the public to counter this threat and prevent the imposition of an extremist agenda on everyday Americans.

To learn more about the forces behind Project 2025, visit to uncover the full extent of this campaign.

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