Washington, D.C. — New reporting reveals that billionaire CEO Elon Musk is moving Tesla’s headquarters to Austin, Texas — pressuring his countless employees to live in a state that has relentlessly tried to restrict their reproductive rights along with their constitutional right to vote. Musk has previously claimed that he “would prefer to stay out of politics” — a stark contrast to Texas Governor Abbott’s claim that Musk “likes the social policies” in Texas.   

As Accountable.US has documented, Tesla’s move to Texas only touches the surface of Musk’s anti-democratic history. The watchdog group found that The Space Exploration Technologies Corp. PAC – the PAC affiliated with Musk’s SpaceX company — donated $41,000 to the Congressional Sedition Caucus, the 147 lawmakers who voted to object to certifying the 2020 presidential election.  

“If Elon Musk truly cared about his employees’ well-being, the last thing he’d do is pick up and move them to a state actively stripping Americans of their fundamental right to vote along with their reproductive freedom,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “Try as he may, Musk cannot credibly claim he’d ‘prefer to stay out of politics’ while at the same time funneling thousands to lawmakers who fueled the flames of an insurrection and being praised by those leading the efforts behind racist voter suppression schemes.” 

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