WASHINGTON, DC – The Supreme Court’s growing corruption crisis loomed large over the start of the Court’s new term this week. Recent revelations have exposed serious conflicts of interest in key cases, sparking calls for conflicted justices to recuse. Americans’ trust in the Court remains at record lows, and new polling shows three in every four voters want Supreme Court justices bound to an ethics code. 

Just this morning, ethics experts agreed that multiple of Justice Clarence Thomas’s recently-revealed luxury trips constitute violations of disclosure law, even by Thomas’s own lax interpretation of it.

Yet Chief Justice Roberts refuses to do anything at all.

Chief Justice Roberts may continue to ignore the glaring ethics concerns plaguing his own Court, but the American people won’t. Public trust in the court is plummeting to record lows as more cozy billionaire relationships and decades-long undisclosed ties are exposed. It’s far past time for Chief Justice Roberts and his conflicted justices to stop putting their billionaire pals over everyday Americans,” said Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone.

Here are the headlines looming over the Supreme Court’s new term:

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