The Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has been nothing short of inadequate, disorganized, and irresponsible. As a result, Americans have been put at risk due to delays in preparedness, failures in testing plans, and inadequate communications from national leaders. 

The mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic is putting American lives at stake. As such, it should be investigated immediately. Accountable.US is seeking answers and information in regards to the following:

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

  • FEMA – conversations with Ventech and GM about the ventilator joint venture
  • Why didn’t the CDC use the WHO COVID-19 test? 
  • Correspondence with pharmaceutical companies in regards to COVID-19 vaccine affordability 
  • All calendars for December, January, February, and March for key HHS officials
  • Any correspondence regarding the CDC’s decision to stop posting testing numbers on its website.
  • All emails from December, January, February, and March sent by the US ambassador to China regarding COVID-19.
  • All coronavirus task force correspondence, meeting agendas, notes, and calendar invites 
  • Correspondence about faulty testing agents from the CDC COVID-19 test
  • Correspondence between Alex Azar and his deputies and any White House staff 
  • Correspondence about nationwide testing capabilities and certifying state-based labs 
  • Protocols or guidance for the ACF staff deployed to meet returning infected patients
  • Correspondence about ACF staff deployed to meet returning infected patients
  • Correspondence and official memorandums/plans/guidance from the FAA and TSA regarding weekend of 3/13-15 airport protocol
  • Correspondence around the decision by the State Department to allow infected patients to fly home with uninfected patients 
  • Correspondence regarding the dismantling of NSC’s global health security team.
  • How many ventilators are in the National Strategic Stockpile?
  • HHS discussions about the Trump Administration’s decision to stop officials from testifying to Congress about COVID-19
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