MAGA majority picks special interests with checkered pasts and fringe views about climate science to defend its attacks on policies to make Big Oil pay its fair share

WASHINGTON, DC —Accountable.US today released the following statement in response to the MAGA majority on the House Natural Resources Committee’s latest partisan hearing on the Biden administration’s common sense reforms to oil and gas regulations: 

Some of today’s witnesses have personally profited from a bankrupt system that cheats American taxpayers and raises prices at the pump,” said Chris Marshall, spokesperson for Accountable.US.

“It’s no wonder they’re willing to resort to extreme misinformation to protect their sweetheart deals. If they were truly representing their constituencies they would support President Biden’s plan to protect taxpayers from expensive clean-ups and ensure they get a fair return when Big Oil drills on public land that belongs to all Americans.”

President Biden recently proposed changes to the oil and gas program at the Department of Interior, which had been charging royalties at a rate that had was first set in the 1920s.  The package of reforms also improves bonding requirements to ensure that taxpayers aren’t left footing the bill when oil and gas companies leave messes on public lands. 

Click here to read Accountable.US’s report on the witnesses fighting these reforms in today’s House Natural Resources hearing.  

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