In 2014, Thomas personally signed documentation selling properties to Crow

WASHINGTON, DC – Following last week’s breaking news revealing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s decades-worth of undisclosed luxury travel and gifts from billionaire Republican megadonor Harlan Crow, new reporting from ProPublica today revealed that Justice Thomas sold property directly to Crow and again failed to disclose the deal.

First, Justice Thomas lied for decades about the billionaire bankrolling his lavish lifestyle. Now, he’s failed to disclose that Harlan Crow put money straight into his pockets. One thing is crystal clear: this is corruption at the highest levels, and it can’t be accepted. Justice Thomas must be held accountable.”

Accountable.US recently released a full timeline tracking how Clarence and Ginni Thomas benefited from Crow over decades. Last week, Accountable.US released new research revealing that Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have collectively received over $450,000 in donations from Harlan Crow himself. Accountable.US also fact-checked Clarence Thomas’s defensive statement and highlighted the Leonard Leo link to this example of unprecedented corruption.

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