Today, in its annual sustainability report, BP indicated it would continue its memberships in the American Petroleum Institute (API) and other groups. The energy industry giant — best known for the largest oil spill in the history of marine oil drilling — cited API’s supposed progress on climate change, despite stating last year the group only partially aligned with BP’s position on issue. In response, Accountable.US released the following statement:

“If BP was really serious about confronting the climate crisis, it would have dropped its membership in the American Petroleum Institute years ago,” said Kyle Herrig, president of government watchdog Accountable.US. “Given its abysmal environmental record, it seems clear that BP is far more interested in continuing API’s work to weaken regulatory accountability for the oil and gas industry in Congress than it is with advancing meaningful efforts to address climate change.”

BP’s claim that API has improved its position on climate change is laughable. Big Oil’s favorite trade association promotes continued reliance on fossil fuels, ignoring the health and environmental risks that come along with it. What’s more, API wants the federal government to invest in “clean” alternatives that lack clear scientific evidence for their efficacy. Just last month, BP and other oil and gas companies with seats on API’s board ducked a Senate hearing on the impacts of climate change despite repeatedly touting their credentials on the subject.


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