Washington, D.C.As obstructionist Republican senators lined up to do the bidding of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce today by refusing to even debate the For the People Act – historic legislation to protect the right to vote – government watchdog Accountable.US challenged corporations that claim to support voting rights to finally get off the sidelines and do their part to ensure all Americans have ballot access, especially historically disenfranchised Black and Brown voters.  

“When big corporations speak up, Republicans in Congress listen – and yet many of the same companies that assured their consumers, shareholders, and employees they support voting rights chose to remain silent when it mattered most. Several continued to back the U.S. Chamber as it waged a smear campaign against key federal voting rights protections,” said Accountable.US President Kyle Herrig. “This fight over voting rights is just beginning, and if companies continue to stand with the Chamber, they will be considered on the side of those seeking to systematically silence millions of Americans.”   

In addition to Republicans killing federal voting rights legislation in the Senate today, a large-scale assault on voter access is taking place in state legislatures, including Georgia, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. At least 22 bills have been passed across the country restricting voting rights for Americans. These efforts are a cynical nod to Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” as they seek to make it harder for people of color to exercise the fundamental right to vote – and they will go unchecked if the Chamber’s fierce opposition to federal voting rights reforms like the For the People Act continue to be successful. Many corporations have voiced public support for voting rights, but still financially support the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is helping to disenfranchise millions of Americans ‚ especially those from communities of color. Corporations can’t have it both ways – they can either stand for democracy and voting rights or stand with the Chamber.  

 Accountable.US recently launched its “Drop the Chamber” campaign pressuring major corporations, including Microsoft, Target, and Salesforce, to back up their public statements supporting voting rights by severing their relationships with the U.S. Chamber over its well-documented history of supporting voter suppression efforts. Accountable.US recently unveiled new TV and digital ads calling on these corporations to demonstrate their stated values, including a national TV spot running this week on CNN.  

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