Today, American Petroleum Institute (API) hired the Trump administration’s former Department of Interior Senior Associate Council Kevin O’Scannlain as Vice President of Upstream Policy. Given the well-documented history of climate science denial in the Trump administration, the hire flies in the face of API’s recent attempts to present itself as serious about addressing climate change. In response, Accountable.US issued the following statement:  

“Kevin O’Scannlain was part of an administration that undermined science at every turn, and did significant damage to efforts aimed at addressing the threat of climate change. With this hire, API is showing it has no interest in being part of the solution and will continue to be part of the problem,” said Kyle Herrig Accountable.US president.  

API is the largest oil and gas lobby arm in the world, spending millions of dollars each year lobbying Congress. In 2018, the most recent year for which records are available, API had $234,349,360 in total revenue


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