Washington, D.C. — Just days after the anniversary of the gutting of the 1965 Voting Rights Act by the Roberts-led Supreme Court, the high court released its decision in Brnovich v DNC, ruling to uphold Arizona’s unreasonably restrictive voting rights laws and setting a dangerous precedent as statehouses across the nation attempt to jam through their own anti-voting rights legislation. Government watchdog Accountable.US released the following statement from its president, Kyle Herrig, in response to the decision: 

“As Trump’s Big Lie continues to reverberate in state houses across the country, there is no more dangerous time for the Supreme Court to legitimize the suppression of Black and brown voters as they have with their ruling today. While this decision is a major setback for voting rights, it can be fixed immediately. Lawmakers now have no excuse for further obstruction of legislation ensuring these rights are protected for all Americans, regardless of their race or states in which they reside. Given the court’s archaic decision, it is time for corporations that have claimed to support voting rights to put up or shut up. Corporations have done little to pressure Congress to act except pay lip service to their customers, shareholders and employees. They need to actually leverage their influence and can start by closing the money spigot to the U.S. Chamber that has been leading the charge against expanding federal voting protections.”  

Arizona is just one of more than a dozen states that have introduced archaic, targeted legislation aimed at disenfranchising voters since the 2020 Election. Consistently, Black Americans and other voters in communities of color are the ones most deeply affected by these laws. 

Accountable.US recently launched the “Drop the Chamber” campaign, which aims to pressure major corporations, including Microsoft, Target, and Salesforce, to back up their public statements supporting voting rights by severing their relationships with the U.S. Chamber over its well-documented history of supporting voting suppression and gerrymandering schemes. Accountable.US recently unveiled new TV and digital ads, including a national TV spot on CNN, calling on these corporations to demonstrate their stated values.

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