Government watchdog Accountable.US today led a coalition of legal and accountability organizations in sending a letter to Eli Lilly CEO David A. Ricks highlighting the pharmaceutical giant’s anti-abortion hypocrisy.

Recent reporting revealed that Eli Lilly contracts with CRC Advisors, a consulting firm run by Leonard Leo, a longtime anti-abortion activist and key architect of the Supreme Court conservative majority responsible for overturning Roe v. Wade. As the letter states, given Eli Lilly’s own public stance opposing strict abortion restrictions, Eli Lilly’s relationship with CRC Advisors contradicts its own stated values. End Citizens United, Alliance for Justice, Court Accountability, and True North Research joined Accountable.US in sending today’s letter.

Leonard Leo has dedicated decades and millions of dark money dollars to lead an anti-abortion crusade at every level of government, from our nation’s highest court to individual state legislators. He’s gone to extreme lengths to push a draconian anti-abortion agenda that is wildly unpopular among everyday Americans — and his leading role in the movement is no secret. That’s why it’s unacceptable that Eli Lilly contracts with Leo’s personal consulting firm while claiming to support reproductive rights. Abortion is a life-or-death issue for many of Eli Lilly’s customers, employees, and for Americans everywhere. We’re calling on Eli Lilly to live its purported values and denounce CRC Advisors’ relationship with anti-abortion extremism.”

Accountable.US president Caroline Ciccone

The letter, shared with Rolling Stone, states: “Leo’s impact on the degradation of reproductive freedom cannot be overstated. As you well know, Eli Lilly’s home state of Indiana effectively banned abortion following the Dobbs decision. In response, Eli Lilly “issued a strong objection to the new restrictions” and announced plans to build its workforce outside Indiana, citing employee recruitment and retention concerns…Given Eli Lilly’s clear support for abortion access, the choice to contract with Leonard Leo’s personal firm contradicts its publicly stated values. Eli Lilly’s ongoing financial relationship with CRC Advisors continues to support the post-Dobbs attack on reproductive rights.”

Eli Lilly’s public expansion of its employee health plans to cover travel for reproductive services runs in complete opposition to Leonard Leo’s work to undermine abortion rights at every level. All in all, Eli Lilly’s ongoing financial relationship with Leo’s firm undermines its stated values and indirectly supports continued attacks on reproductive rights.

The letter to Eli Lilly comes one week after the second anniversary of the Dobbs decision, which overturned decades of precedent to strip abortion access from Americans everywhere. To learn more about Leonard Leo’s CRC Advisors and others at the helm of the anti-abortion movement, visit


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